Cannot open SB-file??

Hi there,I have a big problem!I’ve completed a storyboard on a pc laptop (running XP).Next, I’ve transferred the whole project on a usb stick and copied it from there on an Imac with 2.93 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor (running on OS X 10.5.6). As I try to open the file I get the message:Cannot open input file: followed by the directory.Anyone any idea or solution??Thx,Stef

Hi,Do you still have access to the original file (on the laptop). If it is the case make sure that you can still open it from that location. Next, make a zip archive of your project and transfer it to your USB stick. After the transfer is done compare the size of the original and copy to make sure everything is there. Then do the same from the USB stick to the iMac. Unzip the project in a location with a simple path (no special characters, avoid spaces if possible). Then try to open the project again. If you still have errors could you provide the full error message you are getting.Best regards,Ugo

HelloI had the very same problem, and I sorted it out just removing any crazy characters from its folder’s name. Try to use just letters and underlines. It worked here.