Cannot open AnimationIsh Projects in ToomBoom Studio 4.5

I did like the description in the helpfile says - nothing happens. Why???

See this screenvideo:


I think this is only a problem with girlie.ish2 and the other file, which came along the lesson 11 and 12 about the Turn Around.
Files I created by my self in Animationish will be opend by TBS.

(Tested on MacOS X 10.5.5, TBS 4.5, Animationish 1.0)

I found the solution!

TurnAround1.ish2 is the file to open. If you see an folder with files in it, than you see and try to open parts of this scene.

Try to re-download the files. Than open TurnAround1.ish2. It will work.

After re-downloading it worked. Thanks a lot for help.