Cannot move Control Points on a motion path


I am facing an issue while experimenting with manipulating motion paths in Toon Boom’s Harmony (trial version). Specifically, its a problem moving the control points after I have created them with the ‘P’ shortcut. When I hover over them with the select tool, I can’t seem to be able to select and then move them in any way, they seem to be locked somehow. This tutorial on the other hand makes it seem effortless. I cannot do it the way she just selects the control point and moves it about to re-shape the path. Tried to bring up the Co-ordinates and Control view to see whether I could manipulate the control points that way but that view is missing. I can’t find it in Windows → Toolbars or anywhere else. Could anyone please help with this? Thanks.

(I wish Toon Boom at least had someone continuing with the helpful role Lilly fulfilled).

I am on my laptop away from home and do not have the software available to me so I cannot poke around and my memory needs visual assistance :-).

Have you read through these?

I use Adv. version

To move the moveable controlpoint use the transformtool.

/ Mattias