Cannot import illustrator files, please help.

Cannot import illustrator files, please help.

I am using Harmony Premium 12.2.1.

I have saved the .ai file in every version from CS to CS6 and Harmony will not import the .ai file.

I go into Library, right click on Harmony Premium Library, and Right to Justify, then right click and import files, and nothing happens.!?!?

If I go to File, Import, SWF, illustrator Files to Library, then choose file then Harmony looks like it is loading something but nothing happens?!?

This is so frustrating.

Anyone have a fix for this?

I am using a Mac.

You need to save the Illustrator file to be in Illustrator 10 format (pre CS).
If for some reason it still doesn’t import after that, email the file to
support to have a look at it.

Thank you.