Cannot import Illustrator, AI files

I have Toon Boom Digital Pro Educational version 7.3. When I try to import an AI, SWF or PDF file, nothing happens. I go through the dialog, select the file, and then just nothing happens. I can’t find anything in my template library, nothing. I have tried saving simple Illustrator files in different versions (Illustrator 8 through CS3), but I have no luck.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Maybe I’m doing something stupid. I get no feedback from the program.

This question should be posed in the Digital Pro forum.

Two things to check, though- make sure that the library you’re trying to import to has the right to modify. Make sure the library is selected when you use the import dialog.

Second thing to check - flash files must be saved in compatibility mode. They must be saved as Flash 6 or under.

Try those things and if they don’t work go ahead and post in the Digital Pro forums.