Cannot import any sound file

I have tried .wav .mp3 and .aiff, but no matter what I get the same error message


following errors ocurred during insertion:

1-cannot import file audifilename.wav


I thought maybe the problem was I had installed Quicktime Alternative instead of quicktime, but I installed actual quicktime (the sound files open fine in quicktime) and the problems remain, what should I do?

Try creating a sound level first and then right clicking a cell and importing a file from there.

you mean at the exposure sheet clicking the note with a plus on it? I did, I added the sound file from there and it doesnt work either. I’d really like to know if there’s a fix for this cause…well I cant use the program much at all if I cant sync to sound files.

my laptop is a
intel core 2cpu 1.05ghz, 2.49 gb ram