cannot import any illustrator text

hi all - am trying to import some text into tb4.5 on a mac osx10.5 and am getting nothing but either blank elements or no elements at all … i did a copy paste on my windows vista pc (don’t have illustrator or word on the mac) from Word into illustrator vers 10, did a save and nothing … tried to save the text as illustrator versions 5 all the way up to 10, still no luck (vers 10 was the only one that had the pdf option during the save process). also tried to export the text out using illustrator cs3, still no luck - tried illustrator 10 exporting the text out as swf (no luck) and as pdf (very bad and ragged looking text)… even tried using one letter output names as was suggested in another post - no luck… suggestions anyone? thanks, d

The best way to import text as is in a vector way in TBS is to convert it to outline in Illustrator first.

It will not be editable in TBS as text but it will appear as in illustrator.

hi simon -

funny thing is that i had the fill set and the outline off… after i had filled the outline as well, it allowed me to import it, but still it took very long to render. I was wondering if there was one font set over another that was smaller in storage size that might better render more quickly in TB…
In any case, I am going to try and do just the outline, break it up into separate segs and see what happens … thanks, I do appreciate it … d

The best fonts would be the ones with the simplest geometries such as arial.

To import it into TBS it cannot be a text object anymore in Illustrator, it must be an outline object.