cannot import and vectorize in TBS 6

Recently I tried to import a drawing I made by hand with the intention of coloring it in Toon Boom Studio 6. It crashed. Subsequent attempts all yield the same result. I do not know what to do, so I was hoping you guys would.

Well, are you scanning your hand-drawn images ?
If so, here is an excellent tutorial by D. Nethery…
He is using TBS 4, but the technique should apply to TBS 6 as well…?

Otherwise contact support:

thank you very much for replying. Yes, I am trying to import scanned images, but here’s my problem. As soon as I click the “Import and Vectorize” option, that’s when it freezes and crashes. I don’t know if I need to update to TBS 7, or if I can just fix it where it is, but either way, I’m at my whit’s end.

Make sure your image is an RGB image and not a CMYK mode image.

Try updating Quicktime. Are there any error messages when this happens (other than “this program needs to close”)?

What are your system specs?
Anything else running that could interfere?

Am also facing the same problem. some other features like drop shadow effect etc also crashing the software. It is only happening on systems with 64 Bit Os, but on 32 Bit Os all features are working smoothly.

Hi, Bibhudatta,
What’s your hardware specs(Specially the graphic card) of the 64 bit OS