Cannot import a video

Working from home we had the Harmony 2017 version, this license expired last summer so I downloaded Harmony 2020 with the free trial. In September we got the harmony 17 licences renewed for the next semester until Christmas.

We then got harmony 2020 license. However the 3 versions we got sent, storyboard pro downloaded however harmony didn’t and it would crash after it loaded me in.

Things I have done :
manually updated the new windows update
Installed it 86 times (by accident)
Manually uninstalled it, and all times after installing it again

When I install it, it doesn’t even get to the sign in page or apply the code page, it just loads up and crashes. The longest it’s been in the software for us several seconds until it crashes. Strange that it was the same version of harmony that worked all last summer with the free trial.

My laptop is from 2012 but it didn’t have this problem last summer.

As I’m in my final year of animation the uni has given me a Mac book pro to complete my course on which I’m using for toon boom only, the rest I can do on my own laptop. I have tried to import a video toon boom says its corrupt or not a valid file. I uploaded the video from my iPad to the desktop.

How do I get toon boom on my laptop and why won’t a video import in toon boom to a mac book pro?