Cannot get bone tool to work in Studio 6

I have Studio 6 installed on my Windows Surface 3, but this problem occurred even on my older computers. I believe it to be user error not the program. If I draw a figure and then try to use the bone tool or skeleton tool to make a skeleton for the figure, one of 2 things will happen and again I believe it is something I am doing wrong. It will either draw the bones but the figure does not move with them if I manipulate the bones, or nothing will happen at all when I try to add the bones…in other words, the bones do not even create/show up. I have tried to look up assistance but the support and practice start up items that used to be available sadly no longer are there since Harmony came out. I’ve tried youtube but all I find are demos that don’t really explain what they are doing. Someone please help as this is a very important tool for me and I cannot use it at this point.

I have come through this problem too. Did you find a solution?

Bumping this. I cannot ge tthe bone tool to work. I’ve followed many tutorials for other versions. 6.0 doens’t seem to work. It won’t draw them at all