Cannot find "import image as Bitmap"

I am unable to import any images as a bit map and in my preferences I cannot find options for importing images. Here are screenshots to show what’s happening.

Ah…I figured that was the case! Ultimately what I want to do is be able to use the eye dropper tool on imported images and so far that has been unsuccessful.

If you have something like Photoshop or any image editing software you could convert an image to a gif or other format and generate a swatch panel. Then you could select the dominate colors and get their Hex #s. Once in Harmony you could build those colors manually creating a palette.

There are probably other approaches better or worse but it can be done with a few extra steps and additional software…

If you do not have software you can do all of this Hex code research online. I do not have a link but I know there are many websites where this can be done for free.

Good luck

There are 3 levels of Harmony (Essentials, Advanced, Premium) there are multiple versions of Harmony (12, 14, 15, 17, 20, etc.).

I’ll guess you are using Essentials right?

Essentials does not offer Bitmap features.

Although Toon Boom advertisements do eventually describe what Premium and Advanced have over Essentils it is not made clear just how this appears in practice. It is not until you go looking for something and cannot find it that you understand how a feature is not part of your version.