Cannot export movie in H264 format


When I export my film in H264 (a format I like to use because it has a good size/quality ratio) I get an error message:

"St9exeption - could not complete operation"

Do you know what this means, and how I can solve it?

thank you,

*using Mac OS

Found this thread for you, it might help;action=display;threadid=1748


Thank you Vadim.
I should have searched the forum before posting, you’re right :slight_smile:

Yep, it seems like the same problem. Although at the end of that thread it is not clear whether the problem was solved or not. I’ll add my reply to it, and let’s see what happens.

cheers to you

No problem:)

Have you tried (from Nolan) In the Standard Video Compression Settings / H.264 / set the Radio-Button for “Key Frames” to “All” and export again…


Aha!! That seems to do the trick!
I see what they meant now at the end of the thread you linked. Good news, then.
Only doubt: I am not a video codec expert, but normally putting keyframes to ‘All’ tends to make heavier movies than not. I’ll have to test that later on.

But for now, that’s swell!

thanks, Vadim