cannot export images and layers suddenly disappear

Hi,I would greatly appreciate some help here…I work with the pro version 8.1.0 (4208) and there are stranges stuff happening when I’m working…-There are layers dissapearing when I’m working, it happens often when I come back on a panel/shot I worked on some hours/days before…So I’ve got to redraw it.-Sometimes, there are layers disapearing on panels I don’t even re-work on…-When adding a layer to a panel I worked on some hours/days before, I generally cannot see the drawing anymore if clicking on another layer of the same panel…So I got to copy/paste the entire shot and it sometimes works…-To prevent losing art and re-draw some of it, I decided to export images (Files/Export to…/export to BMP) as a kind of back up. So I tried all the options (PSD TGA JPG) and even if the export end with a succesfull export, the destination folder contains…nothing.Should I re-install everything? Are there setting I should do?I’ve got a PC P4 2.4Ghz, 1G DDR and a e-GeForce 7600 GS DDR2-256MB-AGP8x with XP Pro SP2Thx,Pat

Hi Pat,This version is not an official release of the software (which would be 4098). Please get in contact with whoever provided you the version to see if there is a patch for it.Best regards,Ugo