Cannot export HD video

I have worked with Toonboom Studio for a while now and am quite happy with the internal tools and functions. But every time I try to export I run into the same problem. I have tried almost every setting and video type, but even at highest settings my exports can never come out any higher than 720x480. My video properties are set to 1920x1080 and 24 FPS but will not come out that way. If you know why this is please help! Thanks in advance.

File / Animation Properties… / Frame Rate: ? / Camera Size: ?

Exports are done at scene resolution, the independent movie options are disabled for those features overridden by the Animation Properties (size and frame rate). So the Settings… button features apply to the export, the Filter… and Size… setting of the Movie Settings’ Video section are ignored. In both cases because they would conflict with the settings already applied through the project itself.