Cannot Export a .mov File

I have been using the Toon Boom Harmony free trial for a little bit now and made a quick animation but can’t export it as a .mov. I downloaded QuickTime Player 7.7.9 since I did not have it installed and am still having this issue. After I click “Export” the settings menu for the export opens and I click “OK”, which results in a pop-up which says, “TheOpenH264 Codec is not installed. Download and install the codec?”. I click “Yes” and a download screen appears and seems to progress, but shortly after I get another pop-up saying, “Failed to uncompress Cisco’s OpenH264 codec. The file may be corrupted or the utility to uncompress the file could be missing.” I uninstalled and reinstalled Harmony to try and fix this issue with no change. This could mean that the “utility to uncompress the file” is missing, but I thought QuickTime Player did that. Is there any way to fix this issue?

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This only applies to h.264 .mov’s

I am also having the same exact issues with the Essentials Trial version. Anybody with a fix? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

i have the same problem with h.264 , but i have tried a lot to find out any solution on google and also asked some friends for it but thanks for solving the problem ,
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I’m having the same problem, very frustrating and can’t find solutions.

Which version number of Harmony (17 ?), platform and operating systems are you all using?

I can only speak for my own experience and I am able to export the H264 .mov file without issues.

I am using a Mac running 10.10.5 Yosemite to run Harmony 17 Premium.

I cannot tell which version of Quicktime I have however considering I am running Yosemite 10.10.5 my version of Quicktime is probably not the latest.

Of course each and in combination could be factors regarding your issue.

My point in posting is to show that it does work in some environments.

I likewise confronting this issue, Is there any arrangement? All things considered, I am running a mac and I can’t send out my movements into a .mov design. At the point when I click on send out nothing occurs DQFanSurvey.

Having the same problem. Hope there is a solution soon;this is very frustrating :frowning:

I have exactly the same issue.

I’m having the exact same problem! I downloaded toon boom essentials about 3 days ago, and have been searching the internet for how to fix it. if someone knows how to properly download the codec let me know because I still can’t find it in the program options. For now, I’m saving them as WNM (windows media) and using converting software to turn them into mp4s

I can export the video but the file always turns out corrupted. no matter what setting I use to export, it turns out corrupted. it goes the same with sequence settings. I downloaded the QuickTime Player and all I could do was play it through there but the file was still corrupt. and anyone has any tips that would be great!

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