Cannot erase anything in Harmony Advance 14

I’ve had this problem before but I’ve forgotten how I fixed it. Right now, I am trying to erase some parts of a frame and it wont let me. It will let me erase my first few frames, but after that I can’t erase anything. I’ve tried everything to try and fix it, but nothing works. Yes, I am working on the right layer and the right frame. I have restarted the program several times, and even restarted my laptop and nothing has worked.

Might be that your system’s graphic card is not refreshing the display
if it’s running low on resources. If you save and re-open after erasing
what do you see?

If that’s not it, post a screenshot of the entire software window, it may
help to see what the context is.

Are you able to provide a short screen recording of what you are seeing? Drawing view and Camera view? Is the layer Vector vs Bitmap? Pencil or brush?
What I get caught by often is that I will have a pencil line and if my eraser is set to Soft Eraser, it wont erase.
I have experimented and it seems that the vector soft erases only work on textured brush strokes.

What I find frustrating about Harmony is that it behaves differently ways depending on the mode or tool. Brush vs. Pencil vs Bitmap; Collapsed group/peg vs uncollapsed; selections; erasers; textures vs non-textures. What would be great if there was a matrix of all the differences. Because it is a shame when I start a project with a tool, say brush vs pencil, and make my drawings only later to scale and find the line thickness doesn’t scale for my pencil lines but does for the brush strokes.

If the link doesn’t work then let me know. It won’t let me attach an actual video.

This is behaving as though your line art resides on a layer you are not selecting when you cannot erase the lines.

I would investigate this as a possibility.

Your video cuts off the Timeline at the “walk_cycle_floor” layer. The Timeline window slider seems to indicate there are additional layers under the the “walk_cycle_floor” layer. Does anything exist below that?

Regardless, check all layers to see whether one of the others contains the line art.

At this point I suspect you didn’t realize you had a different layer active when you drew the line art.

Underneath the “Walk_Cycle_floor” layer is a colour card layer and a drawing layer named “Lyrics”. I have checked both and none contain the frames that i can’t erase. The "Drawing"layer is the only one that contains the lineart that is erasable.

EDIT: I’ve found a way to temporarily switch between able to erase certain frames. Apparently I’ve drawn the walk cycle frames on a colour art layer, and the frame before that are lineart layers. Yet they are on the same layer and I haven’t done anything to the layer to change the settings.

Each drawing layer contains four art layers, (Underlay, Overlay, Lineart and Colour art). Their functionality includes a degree of separation and immunity. Although they are layers of a layer they behave like and are in fact layers. Good to see you found the line art.