Cannot create deformers

Hi, this is my last resort after extensively searching and asking people and re-reading through the Help manual.

I have Harmony 9.2 and I am trying to create deformers. I went through preferences and ennabled/disabled everything according to the help manual. (Though strangely, me and my friend are both missing the “Deformation” tab in our preference window.)

I created a test drawing (a simple rectangle) and when I select the said drawing, then select the Rigging tool and the set up mode, my mouse icon over the camera view shows that I cannot click (the icon is a ⃠ ) instead of the black box with a “c”. I opened other scenes I had from school (I am trying this on my home computer) and the deformers already put in place function perfectly. I can manipulate them, select them, see them.

It appears that for some reason I simply cannot create new deformer points. I am not alone to have this problem and it seems that following tutorials by the letter will not solve this issue.

Can you describe step-by-step what you are doing?

If we assume the user guide is perfectly accurate there is either something different in your software (aside from the missing Deformation tab in Preferences) or you are making a misstep. If someone describes the way to do it you may repeat the same mistake if you are misreading a step. As a process of elimination let’s see what you are doing step-by-step so that we may spot something you could be overlooking.

Thank you

Here is what I do.

(Here I created a new scene to try it out)

1- On the drawing layer I created a filled rectangle using the rectangle tool and the autofill options.

2- In the OpenGL tab of my preferences, I checked:
-Use Hardware Shaders to Render Textures and Gradients
-Use Hardware Vertex Texture Fetching if Available

And made sure to have unchecked:
-Real Time Antialiasing
-Full Scene Antialiasing

3- When I select the rigging tool (with or without the setup mode checked) regardless of the tool property option selected, my mouse cursor will show that I cannot click in the camera view and it will, indeed, do nothing.