Cannot animate with transform tool

I created a character, but cannot animate or move any of the body parts using the transform tool. I checked and the animate button is on.

I took the file home to my other computer and it worked fine. Is there some other setting that could be incorrect that would cause this problem? I have also restarted the computer to see if that was the problem.

My video card is a Diamond Stealth Radeon 9250.

Thank you for your reply

Just updated the driver. It worked. Such a simple solution.
Thank you.

Usually this happens when you don’t have a supported graphics card. The Transform tool makes heavier use of OpenGL than the Advanced Animation tools (move, rotate, scale) so you might be able to use those tools.

Can you confirm the graphics card on that machine?


Do you have the latest drivers installed for your card?


No worries! Sometimes when they ship machines, they ship them with old drivers. Glad you got it fixed!