Cannot add frames.

When I try to add frames at start of a scene, the ‘Add Frames At Start’ sub-menu is greyed out. Can anyone tell me why this might be? Thanks for any help. I am using iMac osx 14.10.1 with a Wacom.

What is selected in the timeline when you do this?
Please provide a screenshot of the interface, it may help
to explain what might be happening.

I am having the same problem. I wish to “Add Frames Before Selection” (or after) for all layers in order to push all layers to a later frame in time. In the timeline, I select a specific frame (highlighted by a vertical red line) but all of the Scene->Frame options are grayed out.

At one point, the options were miraculously available (not grayed out), but seconds later after clicking on the timeline, the options disappeared once more. I have tried “Animate Current Frame” on and off, but it doesn’t make a difference.

I am using Harmony 17 Premium vers. 17.0.3 (16641) on a MacBook Pro 16" 2019 with macOS Big Sur vers. 11.5.2

I recall asking this question during a class at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal last spring and was told by the instructor that inserting frames was not possible. He suggested selecting all layers from a specific frame to the end of the sequence and moving them further right along the timeline.

And then for no reason, a few minutes ago, after opening a different app (Notes) and then returning to the Harmony program, the Frame options were suddenly available, so I inserted 300 frames. As soon as it was done, the Frame options were grayed out once more. It’s a big mystery…

Problem solved !

Because of the one of the options chosen in my Harmony setup (General Preferences - “Focus on Mouse Enter”), the Timeline window stopped being highlighted when I moved my cursor up to the Scene->Frame option in the top menu. (The red box around the timeline had moved to the window above.)

So, of course, the Frame options were not available (grayed out) because they don’t work for the Top-Camera window.

Sometimes the solutions are simple, but hard to find… Cheers !

Thanks very helpful, Toonboom what a logiciel…