Cannot access toonboom website or activate license from my wifi network

Recently I’ve tried to switch my toonboom license from my laptop to my desktop to activate my toonboom license via the activation wizard. But whenever I try to login, it says 'unable to sign in with your toon boom account to activate my license it says “There was an error retrieving licenses from the license server. Connection timed out. (99)”

Not just that but ever since I’ve done this, I’ve been completely unable to access ANY of toonboom’s resources including the websites, forums (even this support board) on my own wifi network no matter what device I use. It just tries to load it forever and then eventually says took too long to respond or This site can’t be reached. I could only submit this support request via mobile data.

Can someone please help me urgently? I’ve been trying to solve another problem with toonboom i was having involving crashing upon startup but now its created a new problem.

Hello Andy,

This is an issue that will require our support team since fixing it will likely involve personal information such as your IP address, so please e-mail as soon as you can.

Hi Andy, I’m having a similar problem, did this ever get fixed for you? Best Alan

Hi Alan, the problem managed to resolve itself after 5-7 days. All I did was just wait and I was able to access the toonboom websites again. As for the license, I was able to return and retrieve it on a different device via a mobile data.