Can you use Wacom Bamboo with Studio 3.5/4.0?

Just posted in another thread about finally giving up the mouse to draw and getting a tablet…question is, what’s the best tablet under $200.00? I took a look and saw this on Wacom’s website and was curious. Also are there any other brands of tablets that can do the job for a more reasonable price? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS: I just took a look at the online store and saw that TBS4 does indeed support Bamboo, but just how well does it work? Is it worth the trouble to buy it or should I spring for the Intuos?

Well, I have a Bamboo-Fun CTE 450 for my iBook, works beautifully regardless of the small size, feels like working on paper, because of the slightly rougher surface
(both the iBook and the Bamboo are incredible mobile).

For my iMac I have a Intuos (9 x 12), works perfectly for me… when drawing in Studio or any other application… I prefer the bigger size.

If possible try them out at some “dealers place”… what size fits best your drawing-style.