Can you use Inverse Kinematics AND bone deformers?

Pretty much as title says. I have set up char with pivot points etc for use of inverse kinematics, though also like the use of bone deformers. When I animate a body part with IK, the bone deformers don’t move with the body part. Does this mean I have to choose one or the other?

ALSO, if I am only using IK, can someone please tell me how do I smooth pivot points parts so that my elbows, knees etc blend like they do when using bone deformers and don’t look like the picture I have attached?


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.48.08 pm.png

Basically it’s one or the other.
If you want to use IK and have smooth joints, you will have to create a circle joint and use a patch to mask out the outlines. There are tutorials from the animate pro days on circle joints.

That said there is a guy here who set up a rig using expressions to feed IK from pegs into the done deformer, but I think it was more an academic exercise rather than being of practical use. It was tricky to set up if I remember, and easy to break. Maybe it could be automated with a script?

This is one area where Anime Studio Pro has the edge over Harmony. Their deformation bones have advanced, goal seeking IK and smoothly deform the artwork.
Personally I use both programs in my productions.

Hopefully Toonboom will take note and Harmony will add goal seeking IK to it’s bone deformers.