Can you rotate the camera in multiplane?

I have a question, can I rotate the camera in Animate? I know that you can go up/down, left/right and forward/back, but can you rotate the camera so that you simulate that 3D aspect?

Hi Zeb.

Yes, you can rotate the camera element when select Animation/Tools/Rotate, but the concept rotation of the perspective view is very different, with this view you can preview the visual 3d space in a very convincing mode. This perspective camera view cannot be applied to the project.
Congratulations for your exposed art. Good luck.


Okay, thanks, Yoryo! It’s not that I wanted it so badly but have seen other 3D/2D animations that use that effect. I will try to get that effect using Blender since you can integrate 2D and 3D with it and I have seen some very nice work done with it. My only hesitation had been that I know Toon Boom software for animating much better than learning Blender. But you can’t beat the price of Blender ;D

Hello Zeb.

I have read in the products section of this web: Animate Pro/Features a good feature for this purpose:
Animate Pro delivers full control on all 3 axes. Move, scale and rotate any of your elements to create amazing 3D scenery with real-time playback. Access a powerful Graph editor and apply subtle acceleration with ease motion control.
Maybe if you get Animate Pro should not switch to other software, except for the cost. Anyway, the Animate multiplane is excellent. Are you seen in: the Animate Pro 3d tutorial ? And the Eddie Mort and Lilly Chin works in: Best Regards.


As Yoryo says, the rotate for the perspective view is the same as the rotate view for the camera view/drawing view. On a mac the shortcut is option-command, Ctrl-Alt on Windows. Then you can use the spacebar to pan. Also as Yoryo says, the ability to position objects in a 3D space is available in Animate Pro. You can preview your multiplane in Animate, but with Animate Pro you can actually position elements in any orientation, allowing you to simulate buildings by building the walls, for example, as flat planes that intersect. It’s definitely a powerful feature to explore.

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Yes, I discovered that I can get the effect I want in Animate Pro but it is way out of my budget range. Too bad!