Can you purchase product support after purchasing the software?


I am very new to this software, so much so that I haven’t bought it yet. I’m still using my free trial.

However, I’ve done some research and have discovered that following either the purchase of a perpetual license, or paying a monthly/ annually subscription, you can only upgrade to the new version of the software that is released around every June, so long as you pay an additional fee for the silver or gold support.

My question is this, are customers able to sign up and pay for this additional support to be able to receive the next version of the software, after declining to pay for support during the initial purchase?

Lets say for example, a year after paying for a perpetual license, I am finally able you afford the support. Am I able to start paying for it separately? Or would I need to make a brand new purchase and make sure to include the support subscription?

This is simply to plan ahead for my budgeting. Thank you so much!

I’m pretty sure you must pay for silver or gold support at the time of purchase of a perpetual license. If you don’t or are not interested in support, when a new release does come out you will have to pay an upgrade fee. (The upgrade fee is way more then the support fee)
Remember you also need to renew your support yearly or in advance.

If anything contact sales.