Can you Move a Quadmap?

As im keying my quadmap for each frame, sometimes I just want to move it around as a whole unit. Is this possible? I know I can move the individual points but can I move the whole thing? Can i rotate the quadmap too?

Also just a suggestion for new Animate 3, maybe you could base the quadmap off the individual drawing position instead of basing the quadmap off the stage position. Would be easier to get the shadows correct. Say if you wanted the shadow to rotate around the character for example. Right not im fighting the program like crazy just to rotate the shadow around the character

To move the whole unit, with the transform tool active you can shift-select all the corners of the quadmap then click one of the corners and drag and the whole unit should move.

I will discuss your feature request with R&D. :slight_smile:

Toon Boom Support


You can also connect a parent peg to your Quadmap and select the parent peg whenever you want to move the Quadmap has a whole. The peg would also allow you to rotate your Quadmap around all axis if you enable 3D.