Can you make money using the Student Edition?

Hello! I have the student edition of Harmony 12 Essentials, and I’ve been looking at the terms and conditions for it, but it’s still unclear to me if I am allowed to use my animations to make money. If I were to, say, animate something, and post it on youtube, would the terms let me legally turn on revenue for that video? This is assuming I’m not using any copyrighted music, of course.

If you want to make money, you can also be a minor, but on the web pages, you can lie that you are 18 years old XD. What can I say about you with those animations is interesting to try to do only if you get access not you are reported. From my point of view, there are other ways, it is a wide range. What can I say? I started with online transactions from a group that offered daily signals. But now I love to trade on: I like it. What do you think?

Well yes, you can earn money online by doing surveys, many companies need the user’s opinion for the client before they launch their product. This profile is best suited for students and housewives and can be a good source of online income.


Using “Toon Boom products as teaching and learning tools” is pretty clear and distinct from commercial use. [ source ]

Not sure of the text in your license but this is from the TB website: [ source ]

If the EDUCATIONAL version of the SOFTWARE has been licensed to YOU as an EDUCATIONAL END-USER, YOU may not use it for, or distribute it to any other person for any commercial purpose.

““EDUCATIONAL” version of the SOFTWARE means that version of the SOFTWARE targeted and geared specifically towards the needs of EDUCATIONAL END-USERS.

You can make money, but not a lot it’s like a part-time job.

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