Can you make a switch layer with pegs when the pegs have multiple art and peg layers inside?

I have a basic question that is still bothering me, sorry for being a neeb. I have a character with a left arm that is a robot arm and a right that is normal. This means that when she turns I need to swap the arms. Each arm is made up of pegs in hierarchy, a master peg, then under that the shoulder art in a peg, the bicep art in a peg, the forarm in a peg down to a switch layer for the hand, which is working by the way.
My question
I am able to make a switch layer by copying and pasting individual art drawing layers into frames in the timeline. I have that, it took ages but I worked it out.
Now, the extra arm layer is floating around off screen and I am moving the two layers around when the turn happens, this works but is a pain and not ideal.
Is there a way to take the whole hierarchy of pegs for each limb and put them into a switch layer that can be operated in the library window that will maintain all the characteristics of the arm currently, or isn’t there? I assume there must be.
One thing I keep thinking is the copy and paste is ok for one single layer but it won’t work with a whole arm.
I have had a look in the answers in this forum, it’s possible that this answer related to my question If I have multiple drawings on 1 layer [Peg question]
but if so, I can’t work out what is meant in the answer and would appreciate clarification.
I am very sorry if this question is too basic, I appreciate any insight people have.
Thank you


No need to apologize! To create a switch layer for the entire arm hierarchy, you can group all the arm’s pegs and artwork layers under a new peg. Then create a switch layer in the library and drag the Arm_Peg into the switch layer. This way, you can control the entire arm hierarchy’s visibility easily in the switch layer without having to move individual layers around.