Can you keyframe switches between cloned color pallets?

I know that switching between cloned color pallets allows you to have characters in different lighting situations. How would you animate something like a light switching off (and the color pallet changing) using the clones? Can you keyframe that switch? Or would you need to export two versions and then assemble them together in a video editing software?


Hi Miranda,

If you are using Premium, I would pull 2 cables from the character or layer group. On the front one, I would connect the Colour Override node, where you can select your clone palette.

I would then connect a Transparency node below the Colour Override and animate the Transparency parameter to fade in or out your cloned palette.

Let me know if this helps!


Hi Marie-Eve,

I think that this method would only work fine with drawings of which the Line Art and Colour Art colours have a entirely opaque alpha of 255.

In all other cases, fadeing-in the same drawing, character or layer group above the original one, wouldn’t it darken the final colours (semi-transparent colours of the first group + semi-transparent colours of the second group)?