Can you import a TB Studio project into Animate?

I made some projects in ToonBoom Studio, but I am now also working in Animate. Now, I would like to work in Animate on projects that I did in ToonBoom Studio. Is there a way to load a project from TBS into Animate and work on it?

No sorry.

Some people save artwork by exporting then importing as flash.


The only way to pass from Studio to Animate is to export your layers as SWF and importing them in Animate.
I recommend exporting your layers one by one, which will be better when you will try to use the drawing substitution in Animate.

What type of work are you trying to pass from TBS to Animate?
Traditional animation, cut-out animation, cut-out puppet, effects?



I thought there was a ToonBoom Universal file type.
No matter, I’ll import the drawings as SWF or PDF as was suggested and do the (hard) animation work over again. I was taught that animation is hard work anyway ;D

Thanks for the replies.

there’s a “universal binary” that runs on both the PowerPC and Intel Macs. files can be shared between animate and animate pro, but not with studio.