Can You Help Me Please (lil research)

Hi guys, as i have come back off my easter break, its time to start doing some research for my up and coming FMP (final major project) or as i like to call it. My Final Masterpiece ;D

so im going to be doing a gangster animation but with Cigarette Butts, thats right, its the Straights vs The Rollies. and its all out gang warfare. im combining Real Photo’s of the street and im going to animate over it.

so if you could be so kind to fill my questionaire out and present me with your own opinion. Cheers :wink:

Do you like the Gangster Genre - Boyz in the hood style or Goodfellas style? and why?

Do you think the main Character/s should suceed in the end? live or die?

What would you expect to see in a Gangster Film/Animation?

What would YOU WANT to see in a Gangster Film/Animation?

Should the accents be London Cockeny or American New York City types?

What could cigarette ends use as weapons on the streets?

Should the Characters have over exaggerated personalities or realistic ones?

cheers for you help guys.


I guess my answer to all of your questions would be that these are things you’ve got to answer for yourself, more importantly, these are the things that make it YOURS. Do you want to create YOUR masterpiece, or try to make mine? I mean, you can take all the opinions you want, but I bet if 100 people answer your survey, the results will be about 50-50 on all fronts & you’ll be left equally confused.

My suggestion would be to focus more on your content & let your characters & story develop. Let that dictate if your gangs are from south central LA or the Bronx, but don’t just decide based on a survey from a bunch of relative strangers.

I don’t want to come off as harsh, but I think you’ll be better off in the end & you’ll learn more by developing the story on your own. You’ll certainly be more proud of it.

All that said, something about your gang names made me think Sharks Vs. Jets, one of the only gang stories you didnt mention :slight_smile:
Will this be a musical? J/K
Good luck with the project though, keep us posted.

I agree the ideas need to come from you! If I told you that you should create westside against eastside turf wars. Make sure you include plenty of lowriders and gold chains. Maybe even some guys kicking back at the park drinking 40oz beers. Oh and you must have the blue and red bandanas you know the crip and blood thing and then you created everything word for word.

Would you be creating for me or yourself? hehehehe…ok I guess thats unfair because I believe that if your project is about modern gangs then the odds are that you will use some of these elements, but try to think outside of the box. Most important…HAVE FUN!

yeh i see your points, and i realised that my questions were wrong. we have to carry out a questionaire out for college research and the one i have posted is totally wrong. but yeh cheers for the pointers and the email. :slight_smile: i shall be posting the new one soon. and its not about you choosing the ideas. hehe. i’ll post it soon. ;D