Can you Flatten a pencil stroke?

When converting pencil to brush strokes i can flatten the line art but when keeping the drawing in pencil it appears that the flatten tool is not working , I did also try the remove extra strokes function after flattening but it still does not work.

thank you

Pencil lines of the same colour can be flattened together. If there are several colours used for the line, multiple line sets will be created. Pencil line size does not affect the flatten.
Thanks and Best Regards:

There must be more going on with your artwork. I can draw a pencil line and have the option to flatten it in Animate and Animate Pro. Try creating a test project file. Just draw a circle with the Pencil Tool and see what your options are.

I have the option but it doesnt flatten when I hit the button.

If you have been using a tablet and pen try using the mouse to draw an X and see whether it flattens.

There are certain Presets that don’t work with my tablet but all work with my mouse.

I read about deleting Preferences of the (Wacom) tablet as a fix. Reports indicated it was only a temporary fix if it worked at all. (Have not tried it).

Also duplicating a non-flattening Line Preset and using the duplicate (tried it and it did not work).


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