Can you Fit To View automatically? (Instead of dragging the camera frame around manually.)

Is there an automatic way to make the camera frame return to its original position, so it fits the workspace window, after zooming in and out?

In the Zoom option, you can select Fit To View but that function doesn’t fit to view position-wise, only zoom-wise.

It’s time consuming to move the frame back in position manually dozens of times every day.

From the top menu bar under View there is Reset Zoom and Reset View. Both will return the Camera View window to the position that matches the scene frame dimensions.

Are you looking for something like a Fit All in Screen option where everything is squeezed into view?

Whoa – Shift M!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, just what I was hoping for. I can’t tell you how many hundred times I’ve dragged that frame around… :slight_smile: