Can you convert text to a drawing object?

I just tried to make a door, which opens. I used the perspective tool to modify the door at various positions, but I have a problem.

I put a sign on the door which has text I created with the text-tool, and the text is not affected by the perspective tool.

Is there a way to make this text into a drawing object? Or will I need to create it in another program and import it?


With the Select-Tool select the text / go to Drawing / Convert / Break Apart Text Layers /
(this breaks the text apart into single letters)

Apply the “Break Apart Text Layers” a second time…
(now the Text-Layer is a fully editable Drawing-Layer)
Use the Perspective-Tool (or else) to distort it in any way…


Thanks! Worked perfectly.


If you are using Animate Pro, you could also try to rotate it in the 3D space.
I don’t know if it would achieve the effect you are looking for, but it makes for a realistic perspective effect.


Which kind of file the drawing object is? Image file or document file? You only need a professinal text compatible converter, then you can render and convert the drawing objet into text file with high speed.


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