Can you convert .anim libraries to work in Harmony?

I recently upgraded to Harmony, but I’ve been working in Toonboom Animate Pro for the last few years. While the files created in Animate Pro are essentially complete, there are one or two I’d like to clean up. Is there anyway to convert the .anim files to work in Harmony? If not, is there anyway at least to import the image files over from the project libraries? Thanks so much!

Hi, i know it was possible to have files upgraded from TB pro to Harmony when i upgraded a few years back. You have to contact Toon Boom directly as they have to do the conversion. No idea if they still offer this or if its possible anymore however.

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In your Toon Boom “My Profile” is a section called “Harmony Project Conversion.” There is a link to attach the .anim files inside a compressed file format (.zip .tar.gz .gz .bz2 .rar). You are allowed up to 5. Beyond that you have to have TB do it one by one. There is some logical explanation for limiting it to 5 that I can only speculate must have something to do with discouraging one thing and encouraging another. They do it all manually and it isn’t an automated process done in real-time so expect some time before they are ready. People have reported it taking as long as a week or more in some cases.