can you combine layers?

…abit like you would flattern layers in photoshop or illustrator?


I always wondered why but your explaination makes perfect sense.

How about this as a solution (you still have to implement it!), if you drag a cell on top of another it adds the drawing to the destination drawing (and if you right click drag it deletes the original drawing).

There’s no “merge layers” command - the reason being that it becomes a bit complicated based on the way that we handle exposure. You could have a drawing layer that has different exposures, and what would happen if you merge them? For example:

Frame # 1 2 3 4 5
Drawing layer 1: 5 6 2 3 3
Drawing layer 2: 2 2 3 8 7

So what would you do in the case of where Drawing layer 1, drawing 5 is on top of Drawing layer 2, drawing 2 on the first frame, and on the second frame it’s Drawing layer 1, drawing 6 on top of the same Drawing layer 2, drawing 2? Do you merge both drawings 1-5 and 1-6 on top of 2-2? Or you do duplicate drawing 2-2 so that you have separate drawings for 1-5 and 1-6?

So in the end, the only way that you can merge is to select the artwork in the drawing view, do a Ctrl+X for cut, then go onto the second layer, drawing view, and Ctrl+V. Then if you need to adjust the placement you can do a Drawing > Arrange > Bring to Front or Send to Back or what have you.

I hope this makes sense.


Hmm could be very interesting to think about. Thanks for the suggestion!