Can you combine Cell Swapping with Traditional Animation?

Can you combine cell swapping with traditional animation?

I love the organic feel to traditional animation, but I also love the convenience in cell swapping for things like mouth changes or eye blinks.

Can we draw traditionally but use cell swapping for eyes and mouths? How would you do that pls.


thanks for the response!

Hybriding cutout and frame by frame animation is a new trends now. However, it will be difficult to substitute mouth on hand drawn face since the position of face will vary on each drawing unless it is drawn in same position and moved with peg together with mouth (like cutout). Also even you match the mouth, it needs to be manually adjusted later to keep the quality of animation. So it is possible but there is some limitation or difficulites for many reasons.
Hybriding worksflows more like decided between scenes to keep the best quality of animation while reducing production time thesedays.