Can you change TBS files to PNG or JPG???

Just wondering couse my upload server whont alow me to upload TBS files

Export your movie as a SWF file and you can upload that to most servers. You can export your movie as an image stream of PNG files but that would not be a movie but rather a series of snapshots and would have no motion or sound. No one uploads TBS project files themselves as they are just for authoring in the TBS software. I’m beginning to thing you are wanting to make animated GIFs and you can’t do that with Toon Boom Studio only. You need other software to create the GIF files. -JK

Thank you KJ

I am asuming you are adressing my mail with your posting on the 20th?

But I am wanting to import Swf eliments that I bought from Cartoon Solutiones into my Toon Boom v4. They come as a singal file, of a sheet with all the eliments on it. The manupulate them in toon boom.

I have managed to cut each element and drag and drop into the libery but mad a mess of it. Then I delited all the eliments I didn’t need from the screen.

Now UGO had sugested to import them and export them after back into swf. surly there must be a way of doing this.

Thank you all for you help.


The character packs from Cartoon Solutions that are made for Flash are not easily converted for usage in TBS. This is due to a number of things. Flash and TBS can produce end results that are almost identical as far as the output movies but they are internally very different and in many ways work very differently.

The Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs that I have seen use a significant number of nested symbols. TBS does not use nested symbols. In Flash a single level symbol is about equivalent to a cell in TBS. A multi-frame simple symbol in Flash is about equivalent to an element in TBS.

Now one of the major problems with Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs is that they don’t use the same discipline in character construction that TBS uses for cut-outs. A Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs may have a whole series of hand symbols or mouth symbols but those symbols may be created at various different scales and with no specific layout orientation. When you pull them together into a common element they won’t work without being scaled identically and reoriented. And without doing that they are not useful for cell swapping.

Flash also does not support hierarchical joint construction so the Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs don’t use or build joints that take advantage of that feature, so much of the articulation needs to be redone to comply with TBS methods to get the advantages of pegged joints. Again the Flash solution is to work around this by creating lots of nested symbols. They might get similar results in some cases but totally different methods and usage and not easily interchangeable.

Basically, I think a person who has the skill to convert a Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Pack to be usable as a TBS cut-out character probably can create a new character from scratch faster and easier than making the conversion of the Flash character pack. I realize that my answer is way over your head, which also points out that trying to convert Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs is not a novice task and in fact requires significant knowledge of both Flash and TBS and both software applications are also needed. I may eventually do a tutorial on how to do this conversion but it is for very advanced users.

Cartoon Solutions has and sells TBS Character Packs and that is what TBS users should buy if they don’t want to make their own. Just avoid the Flash versions altogether. -JK