Can you advance single frame with sound?

You can go forward or back one frame at a time with the < and > keys. You can scrub audio with the timeline. Is there a way to
go forward or back a frame at a time with audio? I’m looking to do a very exact track breakdown for audio and want to know
if it can be done in Harmony.


Sound Scrubbing

Harmony uses a process known as Sound Scrubbing to let you hear sound in real-time while you move the playback pointer forward or backward. This is very useful for finely-tuned lip-synching. You can scrub sounds from the Timeline view.

Open How to scrub a sound from the Timeline view

Do one of the following:

‣ 	From the top menu, select <b> Play > Enable Sound Scrubbing.</b>
‣ 	Right-click in the frame bar of the Timeline view and select <b> Play > Enable Sound Scrubbing.</b>
‣ 	In the Playback toolbar, enable the Sound Scrubbing  button.

At the top of the Timeline view, drag the red playhead to hear the sound at each frame.

In the Playback toolbar, you can use the jog slider to playback forward and backward subsequent sound frames. This allows you to do a more fluid scrubbing.

But can you advance one frame at a time with audio, the way you can in Adobe Premiere? That’s the question.

You didn’t mention Adobe Premiere in your question. BTW it is actually the comma and period being used for a single frame unless you hold Shift for < > which advances between a designated frame range.

You can scrub frame by frame with audio but it is done differently in Harmony, at least as far as I have determined.

One clumsy way is to grab the playhead and drag it.

A more precise way to do it is after enabling sound scrubbing you set the start and stop region in the Timeline menu bar. Then you can either loop it or hit the play button as many times and whenever you need to. This is not as quick and on the fly as using a keyboard key or button to scrub one frame at a time but it is useful as you tend to need to repeat a frame and range in order to fine tune things.

Unfortunately the comma and period keys used to move one frame at a time are not scrub enabled.

My impression of the Jog Bar is that it is pretty much useless unless there is a way to control it with precision.

I guess you need a special controller attachment for this expanded (analog) Jog Bar functionality.

EDIT: After some experimenting I discovered my trackball dial triggers the Jog but you cannot limit it to a range so it is still very limited in usefulness.

Thanks to someone at work, I have a solution. In the preferences, you can create hotkeys for jog forward and jog backward. There are no hotkeys there by default.
When you do this, you can use the hotkeys to single frame forward or backward with sound.

If you set this up and tried it what did you think of it?

I tried it and I cannot see how it is useful to Jog when you do not have more control over Jogging. Advancing it one frame at a time produces a lion’s roar because it is slowed down. The sound tapers off gradually at that speed so it is not useful for detecting the end and peaks. You can advance it more than one frame by tapping the key of the shortcut but it tends to speed up and jump too many frames unless you are extremely careful. The jog tool in its present form is only useful if you zoom in and mostly rely on the waveform. Having the audio available does not present much of a benefit.

What do you think of it?

I think it is much more efficient using the procedure I described earlier.