Can we please get some competition for WACOM

This guy have literally cornered the tablet market …and I understand much of this is through legal channels.

I have owned a first generation Intuos …found the tablet surface too slick and bought a Intuos -3. Not satisfied or comfortable with the hand-to-eye coordination using these tablets I bought a Cintiq-12WX.

I would soon repackage that product and send it back for a full refund. …the problem? I found it (Cintiq-12WX) still an experiment …too dim …too many wires …and unpredictable behaviour near the tablet borders.
However … drawing on the tablet …in the good region felt smooth and steady.

I would soon buy a tablet PC … but they just can’t hack-it!! They are under powered … with distinct delays when drawing … they often freeze or crash …and you’ll quickly find the drawing surface too small …and too unweildely with no keyboard.

So OK …now I’m looking at the Cintiq-21UX the …but I cannot get myself to fork over $2,000 because quite simply …it’s over-priced.

And it’s over-priced because there is no competition for WACOM! Even in a recessionary market …WACOM see no need to even budge from its price because …where are you gonna go?

This monopoly simply has to end!

For Steve Jobs not to see this vacuum …and introduce competitive product at 1/3 that price …must be because of some legal issue.

Of course the Cintiq-21UX works well …but it does only one thing … and it can’t stand on it’s own… IT’S JUST A GLORIFIED MONITOR! If I bought that product plugged it in, load TBS on it and started using it …then yes $2,000 is a reasonable price. But in its current state …it’s way over-priced!

So …lets start looking again at pencil and paper …real pencil and real paper with a good scanner! I look at what I draw on paper and compare it with what I do using the Intuos tablet … and it’s night and day! The drawing with Intuos looks like something I would do with my left hand.

What are my limitations here…using paper and a scanner?

There are several real advantages to using Wacom technology. One is that they have invested a lot of time in developing technology that has excellent pressure sensitivity and line control. Another is that they have very reliable drivers for their hardware, so they will work very well with our software. There are some other companies who have made tablets that don’t perform as well as Wacom on the drivers score.

When it comes to using a Cintiq, I’m not trying to convince you or anything, but there are loads of companies who are using Cintiqs in the office every day. The 12-inch Cintiqs are better suited to Storyboarding, because you don’t want too much real-estate when Storyboarding as it may encourage you to go into more detail than you need to. The larger 21-inch Cintiqs I usually see being used by animators, for either Cutout-style or Tradigital hand-drawn frame-by-frame style. The nice thing about doing frame-by-frame this way is you can get a really nice thick and thin line using the brush tool.

Like anything, though, it takes practice.

That being said, if you are interested in hand drawing images, that’s possible too. It’s easier to do with our industrial product Harmony, because you can set up a batch scanner that will scan in many drawings at a time. This, for example, is how it was done on Princess and the Frog. With Animate or Animate Pro, you can always scan in individual images and vectorise them upon import into the software, or you could also use a twain scanner to scan drawings in, however I don’t believe that twain scanning supports the autofeed function.

So you can definitely scan in one at a time, then load them into the software, but it would be a bit more cumbersome to do. I’d recommend doing a few drawings and running a little test to see how it goes.

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What do you all know about P-Active 19 LCD Monitor Pen Tablet For Professionals XPC1910A?

This tablet retails on amazon for $825…see here.

It has a smaller sibling at 17" … its a Chinese company…see their website here:

I wonder if TBS know of this product/company and whether their software is compatible.

This tablet has not been tested with our software, so we can’t say for sure whether it will work or not. The resolution of the tablet is compatible, so that’s not an issue. The only issue is that each hardware solution uses its own drivers, and that these drivers’ behaviour can vary from program to program. We would have to get a hold of this tablet for testing to verify whether it works appropriately or not.

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