Can we move and stretch keys in the timeline?

Hello all,

I am searching for a shortcuts or something like that for moving a group of keys in the timeline and keep the distance between them proportionnaly.
(just like in adobe after effects with holding “Alt” and pull one of the extreme key)

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible?

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click the first one then shift click the last one. Then you can just left click hold down on it and move it around the timeline.

I think he means to stretch the keys out so they auto adjust their position on the timeline as he drags the last key. For example, let’s say you set a key at frame one, and another at frame ten. Perhaps he decides to set a key halfway between the two at frame 5. Now suppose he wants to adjust his timing and make the entire animation take twenty frames instead of ten (or any other amount, I’m just using twenty for the sake of the example) What he’d like to happen is for that middle key to reposition its self so that it remains in the middle of the two keys at the beginning and end of the animation. So, if he drags the animation and stretches it to occupy 20 frames on the timeline instead of ten, he’d like the middle key at frame 5 to automatically adjust itself to now rest on frame 10.

In programs like after effects, or the newest versions of flash, if you grab the last frame of your animation and pull it around, it will automatically preserve whatever spacing ratio you had in regards to other existing keyframes.

After that entire explanation, I ironically have no suggestions as to whether this type of thing is even possible in Animate. If it is though, I look forward to finding this out myself.

Nor do I know if that is possible. But if you drag a single keyframe it will automatically adjust the interpolation around it (on both sides).

This is not currently a feature of our software. However feel free to log it in the Feature Requests section.

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