Can we create real animated mangas with this software?


I was wondering if we can create “mangas” animation with toon boom animate?
When i see the images/videos samples, all the results seem very cheap and very very far from what i would like to do (i want to make mangas). So i wouldn’t like to make a mistake buying the software and realizing then that i can’t do what i want to do :confused:

The software “Toonz” (harlequin) do what i need, because it’s used by Miyazaki for example to animate his mangas, but wow, that’s very very expensive, 11000 dollars for the version i need.

Thx for the answer

Animate manga? Manga means comic!
You meant you wanna make anime style animations, if so that depends on your skill as a animator. Any Animation program can create anime style animation. Because most anime animation is made by drawing Frame By Frame. :-\

The most used sofware for japanese animations is Retas! Pro (by Celsys) …
But yeah , those mangas/jap animations are made frame by frame , so any good 2d animation software can be used …
Manga drawings are very easy to create with Retas Stylos HD or Manga Studio though …

I believe he is referring to the water color / high def backgrounds in many animes today and of old. Animate is a vector based drawing app. you can to an extent mimic the blurs washes and so on in a hand painted scene, but you will not match it. To match it you would need to load in a hand painted background to get the softer more defined shadowing that is missing in a more simplified vector based one. Character control and creation in Animate is unsurpassed.

So like any advanced production, no one software will comprise the entire content creation capabilities needed. You will need other software apps/ Artists with the features/ abilities required to create the look you want.

Hope this helps.

TVPaint is a bitmap based animation software and I’ve seen some lovely anime style cartoons made with TVPaint Animation.
i think that a vector animation tool with effects is much more suitable for an anime look than the high-end bitmap animation tool, the best one on the market (tvp animation 9).

Uhhh, you can always use photophop or Gimp to make the backgrounds. Not everything has to be done in a vector environment.