Can two centerline shapes be combined?

Can two centerline shapes be combined?
If I have drawn two vector lines and I would like them to be only one object, can I somehow point the ending point of the other line and drag it on top of the other line’s ending point and “glue” them together?


In version 3.5 you can move the center line shapes into the desired configuration where they connect, then select the center line shapes and use tools>convert lines to brush then with them still selected use tools>extract center line and you will have a single centerline shape. One other thing for this to work all center line shapes that you want to combine need to be the exact same color, that way when you convert them to a brush shape they will be merged. -JK

PS: There may be an easier way, I am just not aware of it at the moment. Of course if you draw your lines originally with draw top layer “on” then as long as you have them touching as you draw them and they are the same color they will be merged as you draw them.

Thanks JK! I got it.