Can Toonboom Harmony 14 work on Mac 10.6.8?

I downloaded a trial version of Toonboom 14.
I use Mac 10.6.8. on the requirements page it’s says that you need Mac 10.10 or 10.11.
Does it mean i won’t be able to use the trial version and i need to replace my Mac?
Is it possibe to download an older version that will work?

Thanks in advance!

If you are still running 10.6.8 chances are that your hardware is going to be incompatible with Harmony.

You could attempt to install the Trial. It might inform you immediately that it requires a different OS.

You have to think about whether it is worth forcing the issue. The goal isn’t to run the software. You want ito have a system that does not get in your way of doing something with the software.

Yep…i think that there’s no way around it but upgrading, as it doesn’t seem to be working.

Thank you very much for the replay,
Appreciate it!