Can Toon Boom Studio support: 23.976 fps ?

Hello All,

I’m working on a project where the fps must be exact 23.976 (not 24) because of a perfect sync needed for TV broadcast.

I’m wondering if there is a way to set the fps to that exact number somehow?
I noticed it’s skipping by 1 but maybe there is a “behind the scenes” way to do so?

  • Thanks ahead and sorry about my bad English.

Generally animators animate at 24fps and export to 24fps. If the frame rate needs to be changed it is easiest to use a video editing software to do it. This is the most common solution.

This is a slight digression from the original question but…
I think it may have a lot to do with the difficulty of learning effective animation “timing” (or rather getting a good sense of it). It’s difficult enough to do at a fixed frame rate but can be even more challenging if you switch from 24fps to 30 to potentially 60 in the future.

Also the almost 24, almost 30, almost 60 frame rates have a lot to do with the frequency of North American electrical systems and analog movie projection. I think these remain purely as an artifact for historical reasons rather than broadcasters actually needing to adhere to these fractional frame rates anymore (or maybe it requires too much of an expense to update the hardware infrastructure). Digital movies “should” not require it but the standard remains 23.976, 29.97 …

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your kind explanation.

So… I exported the original animation as it’s animated with 24fps.
But if when I import it to my edit software (or any other conversion software, I did try also QuickTime) to export as 23.976fps the result is the same for all: the AUDIO won’t match to the animation.

I’m working years with Mirage (Also known as TV Paint Animation in it’s update version) at the studio mainly because I can change to any frame rate (even very weird numbers if needed) but this Time I wanted to give a try to Toon Boom and see if I can actually work on a real client project… it seems like it’s a very big problem.

Is there a patch or “fix” that will let me animate and export with 23.976 fps maybe an update I can download?
Or any other solution will be very helpful, thanks ahead and sorry about my bad English.

When I spoke with Support about this the tech only stated what can and cannot be done. He did not offer a work-around or mention any fix or patch. From that interaction I doubt that this is a priority on their list of things to do.

Projects can only be created using whole numbers however you can export to fractions. I was able to enter 23.976fps. You could also export at the project rate and change the rendered movie frame rate in video editing software.

I did a test animation. These are Quicktime options. They are disabled in Animate Pro and I did not know whether they worked in Studio. I did one version at 8fps and another at 23.976fps. The 8fps was noticeably jumpy while the 23.976fps was smooth. Everything appears to work at the 23.976 custom setting.

EDIT: I spoke with Support and the jumpy difference must have been coincidence. Exporting at a different frame rate than the project cannot be done through the Quicktime options.