I am a sitcom writer investigating Toon Boom to learn whether or not it could be used to animate a weekly 20 minute show. Think along the lines of King of the Hill as an example of what I want to do. I have been told it would take one animator a year to complete a 20 minute show. I will be tasked with delivering an episode in 6 days. Can anyone tell me how large a staff and how many computers will be needed to produce a 20 minute episode in 5 days?
Also I would be interested in communicating with experienced animators for possible employment.

A show like King of the Hill couldn’t be story boarded in 6 days much less animated in that time. Even if all you did was lip sync and ZERO animation. When you say you’re tasked with delivering a show in six days, where did this time frame come from? You do realize that EACH epsidoe of most shows take MONTHS to produce, even with over seas animation. The only reason they get 13 - 22 shows done a year is that they work on several at a time.

By coincidence, I’m also producing an animated sitcom that is 22 minutes long per show. I’ve only completed two full episodes in the past year. Now of course I’m working completely alone on this (save some voice work). I write the show, record most of the voices and animate the show using Toon Boom Studio. I’m using VERY limited Hanna Barbera 60’s style animation and in my best week I might get around two minutes done. And that’s if I have mostly dialog heavy scenes.

So you’ll need several people obviously, but you still have the logisitcs of communcating what all those people need to do and I don’t see how 6 days will ever be possible. South Park has a very condensed turn around time, so you might want to look into how they produce their show in such a short time.

If you’re curious, my show “Scratch and Sniff” is available on the Roku streaming device and can be found here…!details/48558/jibberjabber-animation-studios

But yes Toon Boom could absolutley be used, (I’ve been very happy with the software) but depending on the look you’re going for Toon Boom Studio may not be advanced enough. You might want to consider their higher end packages. Good luck!