Can the ortholock node work in the same way as After Effects orient to camera?


So I’ve been learning about 3D space in Toon Boom because I need to build a scene with a lot of camera movement. The scene has to have 4 characters and the camera will turn in circles around them. I need all of the characters to face the camera all the time so they don’t get distorted with the 3D, kinda what After Effects does with it’s orient to camera feature. I tried the ortholock node but the thing is that all of the characters turn around the same pivot, so the camera rotating around them is useless, since they are basically flattened all toguether. I need them to turn on their individual pivots to face the camera. I read that the ortholock works using the 0,0 coordinates of the drawings. However it is useless for me to have those coordinates placed in the same spot.

Is there anyway that the ortholock can work in the same way as the orient to camera in AE?

Thank you very much,

Ale Guevara.