Can´t import Palettes. Why?

After I save and close a project (with drawings, and my own palettes), when I open it again it won´t load my palettes. The only one that is displayed is the “default”. And I can´t import anything from the pallete-library folder from my project folder or any other projects. I open the Colour View Menu>Palette>Import, then i open the folder Palette-library, then I select one of the palettes I created and nothing happen. Nothing appears in the palette List.

ps. I created a cloned palette before closing the projet that even did not appear
in the my project´s palette-library folder. I don´t know why it didn´t save.

Why I can´t import colour palettes in my palette list?

This might be too simple but did you expand the palette-list? Not the color pots section but the palette-list section.

Which product are you on?

Hi Steve!

Yes, I did expand the palette-list.
It only show the “default” palette, with the “verify” in front of it.
(even when I open a project that i have created several palettes, it only open with the “default”)

And it is in the palette-list that I try to import other palettes, and it won´t import. I select the file *.plt using the “import palette”, and it won´t import.

I´ve bought the ANIMATE in the end of last year.

(ps. Sorry if I write something wrong. I have a medium knowledge of the english language)

Are you using non-english characters in the name of the palette? I think that might be the problem if you are sure that you expand the “Show Palette list view” like on page 50 of the user guide. I tried with the french “é” letter and it doesn’t show on import or re-opening of the scene. It’s a known limitation of the software.

The name of my palette didn´t have any characters like this (one of my palette was named “NOVA”). In fact, until now ANIMATE won´t let me use any different characters and give me a message of error if I try something unusual. Like when I´m going to choose the name of my project.

But I thought your tip make sense and I try some variations of it, and when I put the *.plt directly on my “D:” it work perfectly! I think that the palette coudn´t read the file in the palette-library folder because I had created my project folder inside another folder that have this kind of character:


"TESTE6" is my project´s name. It open and works ok. That´s why I thought that it doesn´t make sense that ANIMATE can´t recognize my palettes.

Since the file worked in my root directory (D:), and thinking about the logic of character like “é” I think the problem could be my subfolder “PRODUÇÃO”.

I will try now to create my projects in a structure of folders whitout any different characters, and see if it end with this problem.

Thanks Stevemasson!

Yes I think that the folder also have an influence. I’m sorry to say but it’s caused problems before, so if you can avoid accented letters in the folders also it should work fine.

I create a folder without any different character directly in Root D:\ and create a project in this folder. The palette works fine now. I even see for the first time that ANIMATE create the first palette named the same as my project name, and with a lot of default swatches. Even when I save and open the project again, my created palettes are still there.

For now on, I will be carefull when I choose a name for everything with Animate.
It´s like Richard Williams once said: "Make it simple!"

Thanks again.