Can´t Import Images Color

I´m trying to import images with color
Import/Images/Browe/… (vectorization “Colour”)
and it turn to an Error!

I can’t understand because I have been Importing without problems until now.



I have them already imported and then they disappear. Actually the frames still there but they are empty. when I want to import them back…Error!! file can not be imported or founded…
It is happening to me quite a lot.
I tried turning them into png or jpg smaller…I don’t know
I turning crazy

Also when that happens and I’m going to save the project
" The following erros ocurred:
-Cannot write C:/User…/Drawing_1-4_1.tvg
-Cannot write C:/User…/city/city-3.tvg "


Sorry because I have a terrible English! (I’m Spanish from Madrid)

Please Help me!
Thank you!!


Do you see them when you do a render? Is it just in the OpenGL camera view that you don’t see them?
What software are you using?

What kind of image are you trying to import? What file format? And what is the error message?


So it seems like it’s perhaps having difficulty finding those files.

Are you saving on a network drive? Or on a local drive?

Do you have any strange accents in the path name? It’s best to make sure that you have a path that has no accents, perhaps this can help with your issue.

If this doesn’t help, please contact for further assistance.