Can Storyboard and Storyboard Pro live harmoniously on one machine?

I just upgraded to Storyboard pro2 a couple of days ago (YAAAAY FINALLY!!!);D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;DHowever, I tried fiddling with it for a couple of hours and like any new piece of software I need time to get used to it. Specially, since I have gotten so used to Storyboard1.5’s brushes and simple layout. Not that Pro is not any good, I need time to learn all the bells and whistles, that thing is FULLY LOADED!!!Anyway, I am currently working on my first Freelance Storyboard gig and I decided to go with Storyboard1.5 because I do not have time to learn Pro on the job. Here are my 3 questions:1. Can I open Storyboard Pro after I had Storyboard open? can I open them together? Is it frowned upon to have both versions installed on the same machine? The reason I ask is because after putting in a couple of hours on my freelance work with storyboard1.5, I like to open SB Pro2 and start playing around with it. The last time I did that, and then tried to open my freelance project in storyboard1.5, I almost had a heart attack, cause it wouldn’t open. It kept saying it was already open … but it wasn’t. Eventually it opened, and it asked me to enter my serial again, that was all to scary.I haven’t opened Pro since, and I do not plan to until I finish my freelance gig. Although, I am dying to. Any suggestions? I am running windows 7 and a Geoforce 9800 graphics card, Aero turned off. My Graphics cards are up to date (I just checked)2. How can I see the realtime Anti-Alias for those smooth on the go lines in Storyboard Pro? I went into the preferences and checked real-time Anti-alising but I still get the rough lines. I like to see what I am doing and how it looks like on demand!3. If I open my Storyboard 1.5 Projects in Storyboard Pro2 will I have any problems? Is there anything I need to know? This is important because I am planning on doing the Animatic in Pro … for my freelance project and I cannot have any set backs… or else I will starve this month and then I will be >:(

Thanks Lillly. I did have a crash when I went to close it in Storyboard. I hit cancel to close it. Then I said let me see how it looks like in Pro. I know I opened the project in Pro but I made sure it was not open in storyboard at the same time. Also, I did not save it in Storyboard Pro which is why I was able to re-open it in Storyboard.Thanks for that Screen shot, should I copy all of the other settings as well? and will making any changes here affect Animate at all?Here’s a little footnote: In Lilly’s screen shot you see the “manage 3d settings” which you will probably not see when you first open Nvidia’s control panel. You have to go in the Toolbar on top and select - View-Advanced.Thanks again, I love the way the tools have become more streamlined. I feel like I am working in Animate.

  1. Storyboard and Storyboard Pro should have separate licenses, and so you should be able to run them at the same time. I just ran a test here and it worked for me, but I’m on Mac instead of PC - we can double-check on PC as well.

    When your Storyboard file wouldn’t open did you have a crash before that? What happens is that when you have a scene file open it gets a “lock” on that scene, so that no one else can open up the same scene at the same time and save it. Now, if you had the same scene open in both Storyboard and Storyboard Pro, it would give you this error. Or, if you had a crash the last time you used Storyboard, it wouldn’t have released the lock, so you’ll get that message. Just click OK and enter the project and you should be fine.

    2. The Full-Scene antialiasing works with the graphics driver on your machine and this antialiasing is not done directly in the software - you get a much better and faster result, but there’s some setup involved. On a Mac you can just put “4” into the field there and restart the app and it will work, but on Windows you need to go into the settings on your graphics driver and enable antialiasing in there. In the NVidia Control Panel, go to Manage 3D Settings, Override Application Settings, then on Antialiasing Setting set it to 4x. Now each driver will be slightly different but here’s a screenshot anyway that will probably look similar to what you’re working with:

    3. Storyboard files will open in Storyboard Pro, but NOT the other way around. So once you open your Storyboard files in Pro, you’ll have to stay in Pro!

    Hope this helps!



Yep so that error message you got saying that it was already open was because of the crash. So I wouldn’t worry about it in this case - you should not get that error message again unless you crash again.

The only settings that I think are relevant from there are the Override setting and the 4x setting.

I’m glad you like the tools from Storyboard Pro 2 - I also love that I feel like I’m working in Animate and I wouldn’t want to go back!