CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?! I am about to lose all my animations!

I currently own Toon Boom Studio 7.1 on my old Mac (10.7.5), and I am trying to transfer it over to my MacBook Pro (Version 10.13.3). It seems like it will work, but the only problem is I can’t remember the Product Code.
We may or may not have thrown out the disc (still looking for it) and I haven’t found the manual again yet. I don’t know if the information I need is in either of those, but either way it doesn’t help me at the moment.
I’ve already contacted the website, and apparently there is no record of us registering the code there, so thats not really an option.
I also tried a trial version of Harmony Premium, but I can’t seem to open my old files with it.
I was wondering if there was any way I could find out what the Product Code is. Possibly through the version of Toon Boom that still works on my old computer.
Has anyone else had this problem? AND more importantly has anyone solved it? I’m really hoping for a solution as soon as possible, because my old computer is dying, and I don’t want to lose all the years I put into these projects.
Also, if I were to purchase Toon Boom Studio 7.1 again, with a different Product Code, would I be able to open my projects?
Thank you.

I never used TBS, it didn’t work with a system similar to other products where you had a license wizard where you could see your product code?
I think Support should have a way to solve it as long as Toon Boom has a record of your purchase. Do you have an invoice, emails, etc.?

I don’t think you can purchase Studio any longer, the product was discontinued a while ago and you can’t open Studio files in Harmony. I’m not sure they can be converted, maybe. Animate/Pro files can be converted to Harmony. Contact Support, they should be able to help you.

If you doesn’t create backup then how to recover your data?